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In 1990, when Pablo de el Río was installed in the center of high performance (CAR) of Madrid, they received him with suspicion. The athlete Luis Javier González, one of their first deportisas-“they are not patients because what we do is to train”, insists-, used to say that he was going to the Physio and strained almost clandestinely in his office. “I had many problems with the coaches because they lacked training, we saw as a problem because we were going to question their methods”, recalls the psychologist. Three decades later, this office is messages of athletes lined thanking the contribution of the River to his triumphs. An album that rugby 7 girls were the last to join. “It helped us to manage the pressure, to concentrate on the aspects that depended on us and isolate ourselves from the rest”, note the lioness Patricia Garcia.del River exhibits messages with a mix of personal vanity and Union pride. “More than 50 percent of the Olympic medals that have been achieved in this CAR are athletes that incorporate direct and comprehensive psychological training to his preparation.” “Is shown that areas that work with psychologists obtain better results”, proclaims.

His speech carries with them a lament and a claim. It is the only psychologist with fixed on the CAR seat. Compose the Department he and a person in practice. On the occasion of the games is it has hired a third temporarily. It is calculated that every year takes place over 1,300 sessions. In recent months demand has grown by 30%.” My biggest trouble is trying to help athletes who come at the eleventh hour looking for crecepelos and miracles. There are no that, only work and systematic training”, laments the psychologist, whose table is buried under schedules and training of judokas, swimmers, athletes, taekwondo, canoeists plans… Some seek the ticket to Rio, others already have it, and the rest preparing other competitions without time to mourn their disappointment. With each group work is different. The first should help them shake off the anxiety. With the latter, it is recover from wear and tear but not relax too because “classified should not be the ultimate goal” that are the lionesses. The interview occurred until they reach the pass. Del Rio had little doubt of that, but he warned: “I am worried about how they will reach River because the wear and tear is going to be very strong”.

That work, designed with Fernando Rivas, was one of the keys to the second world of Marin. Lydia Valentin, who did a similar training by their dorsal discomfort, expected to also lead you to success. The river already not working with Marin but it predicts that well assume the pressure of being favorite first in a few games. “Ready to give their best and make a few good games, which in their case is to be medal because being diploma is a failure,” he explains. And is that manage the pressure does not turn its back on reality: “is normal in a double world champion to win Medal, that must assume certain naturally”. Although “there are athletes who train to win and athletes that do not to lose”, is the fear of defeat that matches them. How to channel that emotion “negative but necessary”, categorizes them. The ideal is to see the time critical as an opportunity and not a threat, but is not always achieved. The river has seen everything.

Once went to see a world champion who is injured to weeks of a great quote: “I found a happy guy. It turns out that the lesion was an ally because it removed the burden of going with the must-win”. Psychologist argues that the medals are won in training and that competitions is going to pick them up. But it has the always-operating mobile olympics online streaming. “He has come to call a swimmer three hours before the end of a European. I had a crisis of anxiety. He had the best time, it was in the central street, but had fallen into doubt. I was afraid of not meeting expectations. That is the problem of the Favorites.” After 15 minutes chatting with the psychologist, won the gold.

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