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Buy Active Instagram Followers

If you zapeou by Instagram in recent days may have noticed that many profiles were asking for the activation of notifications. The turmoil in the social network was caused by the changes announced by the company in the feed. “In the coming months, as happens in Facebook, Instagram will change the way that the Feed will be shown. Instead of chronological order, the posts will appear in order of relevance, “says Felipe Mello, a partner at Instarocket, specializes in campaigns on the network.

Instagram’s official position is that the move aims to improve the user experience. According to the company, people don’t see 70% of the feed. “The arrangement of pictures and videos in your feed will be made based on the probability of you being interested in the content, on your relationship with the person or the tag is publishing and at the time of publication and, during the test period, we’re not considering differentiation between organic content of brands and people,” says the company’s announcement sent the report.

The marks fear that consumers cease to view your posts and that impact on the business. “Nowadays, Instagram users follow a number of accounts so big that the platform needed to update their algorithm and find a way to show only the posts more relevant to their users buy active instagram followers. I believe that in the short term we will see more ads on Instagram, “says Olga Andrienko, Head of Social Media from SEMrush.

The maneuver is not totally foreign to users and managers of social media. In 2014, the Facebook, which is also owner of Instagram, applied the algorithm on timeline of users, prioritizing the most interesting profiles and pages for each one. “The marks took into account the online presence of the public at the time of posting, considering studies of timetables, for example. From now on, to appear, companies should invest more in quality content that generates more engagement and want sure highlight need to invest more in the media, “says Diego Blanco, marketing manager of Scup.

How, then, to escape the possible disappearance of your posts on the network? The answer is simple, but the execution can be a challenge. “The brands and companies will have to produce content with a better quality so that they can engage your followers. Posts, images and descriptions have to be carefully thought out and planned to keep followers loyal to the brand, “says Manson. According to Instagram, “all publications will be there, just in a different order.

The first step is to understand what the public expects and how he reacts to different types of content. “Companies should invest in strategic planning on Instagram and know very clearly who is your audience, such as age, the place where he is and the time that interacts with more frequency,” said Mello. Another tip for retaining the organic range is engaging. “The brands can choose to try harder to reach people and buy active instagram followers, to encourage comments and likes, and also use geolocation and hashtags,” says Olga.

The expert highlights the importance of the network to create a brand honey. “The Instagram is the best platform for the industries of fashion, food, beauty and fitness. Generally, it is not used as a platform where you can sell because there is hardly scope for sharing links and remove the user from the platform. But is excellent for increasing brand awareness and make users know their brand, “he says.

So, it’s worth in the same desk rule Instagram: good care not to lose the customer. “Brands need to have a differentiated service, attentive in time to resolve the doubts of customers and be always at your disposal. The best marketing is in the quality of the product and service that is offered to customers, “says Manson.

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